Tibor Virágh

Senior Software Engineer


+356 310 4321 615544


A passionate software engineer with 14+ years of experience, very strong work ethic, and a “decide it, own it, get it done” attitude, eager to try and experiment with modern technologies. Enthusiastic about clean-code, having well-defined coding standards, maintaining developer-friendliness and likewise a big fan of automatism and up-to-date documentation.

Currently residing in Hungary, but I am open to relocation opportunities, with a particular interest in Canada and Japan.

Work Experiences

Software Development Engineer II

Amazon Web Services (AWS) | 2020 Nov - 2022 Nov

Product: Amazon MQ - RabbitMQ is a managed message broker service that makes it easy to set up and operate RabbitMQ message brokers on AWS. The product reduces the customers' operational responsibilities by managing the provisioning, setup, and maintenance of message brokers.

  • Design and implementation of new features based on operational and customer requirements.
  • Operations: Supervised patches and participated in the on-call rotation where I had to react to auto-cut alarms by investigating and restoring brokers into a healthy state.
  • Interviews: Participated in candidate interviews.

Skills used: Java, Python, bash, AWS, Git, CI/CD

Senior Software Engineer

EPAM (Hungary) | 2020 Jan - 2020 Sep

Product: Booking system (frontend and backend) for client specialized in language training, educational travel, academic degree programs and cultural exchange.

  • Maintenance: Implementing fixes in the monolithic legacy system.
  • Refactoring: Joined the initiative of moving the old, monolithic system to microservice-based architecture.

Skills used: .NET, C#, GIT, WPF, nUnit, SpecFlow, GIT, Jenkins, WPF

Associate (Senior Software Engineer)

Morgan Stanley (Hungary) | 2018 Sep - 2020 Jan

Product: An internal WPF-based application used by traders to record and manage deals.

  • Product development, code reviews, bug fixes, mentoring, refactoring.
  • Introducing automated coding style checks into our build system to improve maintainability.
  • Phone-screening software engineer candidates.
  • Working on UI testing automation framework to reduce the manual work of QA engineers.

Skills used: .NET, C#, WPF, Git, nUnit, SpecFlow, Jenkins

Software Engineer

Dealogic (Hungary) | 2011 Sep - 2018 Aug

Product: Reporting sub-system of a complex conference, event and deal-manager system used by major investment banks around the globe.

  • Product development, code reviews, bug fixes, mentoring, refactoring.
  • Project leadership: Successfully led a small team in rewriting a cruicial part of the software.
  • Introduction of new approaches, like BDD tests.

Skills used: .NET / Core, C#, Git, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Less, WebApi, RESTful, xUnit, SpecFlow, TFS, Classic ASP, VBScript

Software Developer

Labtech (Hungary) | 2008 Sep - 2011 Sep

Product: Windows-based client application to an ambulatory ECG Holter and Rest/Stress System targeting international market, especially the Japanese market.

  • User interface, reporting system: I had a major role in designing and implementing the user interface and reporting system of the application. These were exporting ECG curves, simple 3D graphs and raw data too.
  • Localization system: Designed and implemented the localization system to make the software ready for international markets with the focus on the Japanese market.

Skills used: .NET, C#, SVN, WinForms


Conference Schedule Report Consolidation

Dealogic | 2016 Aug - 2018 Mar
  • Functional and technical redesign: I had a leading role in the functional and technical redesign of the report including clarifying functionalities and designing a new (micro-)services-based architecture for the future reporting system.
  • Project management: Led a small agile team by writing specifications (technical and functional), answering questions, consulting with business and management, calculating risks before decisions, coaching teammates, giving out and synchronizing tasks, reviewing code changes, and organizing demos to management about the progress.
  • Architecture change: Experimented with and pushed new approaches, architectures, and processes from which some later became helpful and made their way into the main team’s day-to-day work.


  • Significant performance increase: 33 times quicker schedule generation.
  • Data issues got recognized much sooner because of automated integration tests.
  • Great praise from the client who was using the new report for the first time in their biggest conference (AIC).

Analytical Reports Consolidation

Dealogic | 2015 - 2016 Aug
The analytical reports had been used heavily with an excessive amount of data which in turn introduced performance and UX issues. My main objective was the optimization of queries and eliminating factors causing performance and data issues.

Legacy Code Reduction, Standardization

Dealogic | 2011 Sep - 2015

The reports were written in Classic ASP and were duplicated per client but predominantly the only difference was the branding. We wanted to modernize the code and drive down the size of the codebase.

  • Rewrite: Migrated the old classic ASP based reporting system to a completely new and .NET based architecture.
  • Standardizing: Participated in merging customized reports into a standard one to reduce their numbers.
  • Branding: Designed and implemented a lightweight build-time branding framework to help the team creating the standard reports but still being able to customize the design of it for the clients.


  • Fewer reports to maintain, smaller codebase
  • Team became more responsive
  • More clear functional design, easier use of the product